Mailings for the Real Estate Industry

Custom designed mailings to the right people.

Relevance is an expert in email marketing. The design team creates HTML newsletters from scratch to ensure a unique and responsive result. E-mail is the number 1 customer outreach method and brand promotion strategy so do it well and increase sales immediately.

Relevance will target lists of:

  • Owners
  • Buyers
  • Renters
  • Family Offices
  • Rich-List
  • UK Media
  • Luxury Media

The Importance of E-mail Marketing

A targeted email campaign created by Relevance is a fantastic way of reaching out to potential customers and building a closer relationship with them. Additionally, email marketing helps drive repeat business and allows you to directly contact potential clients.

Relevance has created a large portfolio of important press. Our mailing list includes members of the real estate press and numerous other luxury websites and blogs.

Your company news is added the Relevance newsletter, which is sent out to over 5,000 journalists and bloggers to use as inspiration for their articles about the real estate industry. Relevance has its finger on the pulse.