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Callender Howorth is a multi-discipline luxury interior design firm based in London and in Monaco. Callender Howorth offer designing, building, renovating and styling services for luxury homes. They are high-end interior architects and designers with a portfolio of inspiring residential and commercial interiors.


It was AMAZING and thank you –yes got on some boats and had a really good time!!! Thank you so much for this excellent and informative report.
Very impressive – thank you!Very pleased with the progress to date – and want to get a clear time plan that we can push things forward. Excellent - sounds like a perfect plan –let go for it.

Mark Howorth, Managing Director, Callender Howorth


Relevance has been working closely with Mark, Kat and the Callender Howorth team to promote their interior design services. Relevance has succeeded in increasing SEO visibility, and increased website visitors using SEO, LinkedIn, Google Advertising and social media management. Relevance has also done the Russian website version with SEO.

What Areas

  • SEO
  • Lead Generartion
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Russian Multilingual SEO


  • Increased Visibility for Competitive Keywords
  • Successfully proved few jobs came from online
  • Successfully improved conversion rate on Ads
  • Brainstormed & Carried out  Amazing new campaigns
  • Russian Website Translation and Optimisation