Website Design and Digital Marketing for Property Owners

We will win you business with relevant and niche digital marketing to local and foreign buyers, and renters.

Relevance Realty tools:

  • Your Website - Relevance has a team of talented web designers to help you develop a creative and modern website to help you showcase your properties more effectively. We also can help with a mobile design!
  • Google & Search Visibility - Get your website placed on Google, Bing, Yahoo for your property, postcode, property type, bedrooms numbers and amenities. 
  • Portals - We can help you optimise your work on portals like Home Away, Trip Advisor, Zoopla, and all other portals.
  • Social Media - How is your Social Media? We will build a quality and relevant community around your social media and increase engagement with your followers. We use real estate professionals and cutting edge software.
  • Photography -  Relevance knows how important images are. We have partnerships with some of the best real estate photographers in the world, enabling you to show your houses in the best light. Quality is everything.
  • Videos - Want to use another media to showcase your properties? Relevance can organise video teams to film your houses. We even have drone specialists!
  • Multilingual - Get your property in front of high net worth individuals by translating, optimising and promoting your website into different languages. We can help you reach various markets including, Russia, Arabic countries, Scandinavia, India, China, Germany…
  • Content & Outreach - Our content team will write about your property and place it in relevant media and online publications.
  • E-Mailing - Custom e-mailing design along with lists and reporting. Expect a good open rate and a high conversion rate.

With over 10 years experience in working with the real estate industry and helping the best estate agents around the World, we understand that every property is unique and needs a customly designed marketing campaign. Relevance Realty is here to help you create that perfect campaign so you can promote your property.