Websites and Digital Marketing for Holiday Rentals Companies

If you are a holiday rentals, villa rentals or chalet company providing holiday lets abroad, let us help you. 

Relevance win you business for your holiday villa chalet company in the following way:

  • Experience - Relevance has worked for chalet companies and villa companies in France, Spain, and in the UK. We know what SEO key terms work, and can offer a very competitive conversion rate from advertising. Our ROI rate is high.
  • SEO, Google, Search Engines  - Relevance Certified Google SEO and Advertising Consultants get you to the top of Google no matter what. Google, Bing, Yahoo, as well as Yandex (Russian) and Baidu (Chinese). Achieve top keyword positions for relevant keywords such as 'luxury villas Ibiza' or 'chalets in Val D'Isere' or 'holiday rentals Spain' and increase non-branded traffic and sales.
  • Promoting Rental Destinations - Want to be the authority on rentals in a certain destination? Relevance has experience in helping clients achieve top keyword positions for rental destinations eg. 'rent house Greece' or 'property rentals Saint Tropez'.
  • Targeting Different Markets - Relevance has a multilingual team of native consultants from important countries. We can translate, optimise, advertise, and promote your properties to Russian, Arabic, French, German and all markets.
  • Website Design - Relevance can make a beautiful and modern website that will help with your branding and client trust.
  • CMS - Relevance has a team of web developers that can create a customised secure and robust website back office so you can easily manage your website. We also have created our own property CMS specialised for companies like yours.
  • Mobile Website - Make sure that you are not missing from Google search engine results. Let Relevance Realty create a mobile website version or mobile CSS, impeccably designed and that follows Google's guidelines.
  • Custom Designed Print - Relevance can design your rentals catalogue and print it.
  • Content & Outreach - Our copywriters will write your content; our editor will manage it. Web copy, articles, press releases, social media, mailings...Get your copy placed in the most important online and publications with our strong press partnerships and outreach team.
  • PR & Press Trips - Relevance has an aggressive PR team. We get your properties into the best publications, get links back to your website and have experience in organising press trips with A-list press. Why not invite them on holiday for the associated press coverage?
  • Photography & Video - Relevance can help organise amazing photography of your properties and stock images for your website and content. We have a strong partnerships with excellent real estate photographers and Video teams with drones.
  • Merchandising - Offer branded gifts to your rental customers to help them remember you. Relevance can aid you with this. Shampoos, pens, presents.....
  • Social Media - Relevance can manage your social media, building a relevant community and posting enticing content to increase engagement with your followers. We use Professional Hootsuite Accounts to keep you in the loop.

We understand that every holiday lettings agency is unique in the properties that they offer. Please contact us for a custom-made marketing proposal for your rental agency and get more properties and keep owners happy.