Website Design and Digital Marketing for Estate Agents

Increased buyers, sellers, renters visiting your properties, website and picking up the phone with Relevance.

If you are an estate agent, and want more leads, we will get your properties in front of buyers, renters and owners and your in-box moving.

Relevance has created a custom website CMS for estate agencies. It is fast and has been built for Google. Our designers create custom website templates. Our digital team is experienced in real estate, London and Monaco based, has excellent software and is multilingual to achieve immediate results. To brainstorm ideas with one of our team contact us or see some of the solutions we can provide below.

  • Website Design for Estate Agents- Relevance has a team of talented web designers to develop a creative and modern website so you can showcase your properties more effectively. All our design is mobile compatible with mobile CSS and responsive design.
  • Google & Search Engine Visibility - We know what works because we are niche. Get your website placed on Google and other search engines for the terms that convert; property location, postcode, property type, bedrooms numbers and amenities. Our long-tail strategy is creative and the best.
  • Multilingual & New Markets - Get your brand in front of high net worth individuals by translating, optimising and promoting your website into different languages. We can help you reach various markets including, Russia, Arabic countries, Scandinavia, India, China, Germany and 15 more. Our native consultants are in-house.
  • Social Media - Back up your consultants with amazing social media. We do content creation, curation and community building. Build a quality and relevant community around your social media and increase engagement with your followers with Relevance. We keep you in the look with professional Hootsuite accounts.
  • Photography -  Relevance knows how important images are. We have partnerships with some of the best real estate photographers in the World, enabling you to show your houses in the best light. Quality is everything.
  • Videos - Want to use another media to showcase your properties? Relevance can organise video teams to film your houses. We even have drone specialists!
  • PR & Press Trips - Relevance has a very aggressive PR team  - we get you properties into the press, links back to your website, as well as press coming to your properties.
  • Content & Outreach - Be seen and heard online. We write content about your properties and place it in relevant media and online publications. We have a strong network built over a decade.
  • E-Mailing - Send your listings, price reductions, and company news to Relevance and our team will make sure that your information is sent to a substantial media list.

With over 10 years experience in working with the real estate industry and helping the best estate agents around the World, we understand that every property is unique and needs a customly designed marketing campaign. Relevance is here to help you create that perfect campaign so you can sell more houses. Contact us to organise a meeting.