Website Design and Digital Marketing for Construction Companies

Sell those units fast and move on to the next project using the power of custom website design and targeted digital marketing. 

Relevance has over 10 years experience using the following digital marketing solutions to help companies like yours to find buyers and high net worth individuals. Contact us for a custom website quote or digital marketing solution.

  • Website Design - Relevance can make a beautiful and modern website that will help with your branding and client trust and make people want to buy. Our website solutions have high conversion rates, low bounce rates, and outline your reputation.
  • CMS/Development - Relevance has a team of web developers that can create a customised secure and robust website back office so you can easily manage your website. We also have created our own property CMS specialised for SEO and landing page creation to outdo the competition.
  • Mobile Website - Make sure that you are not missing from Google search engine results. Let Relevance create a mobile website version or mobile CSS, impeccably designed and that follows Google's guidelines.
  • Google and Search Visibility - Relevance will boost your positioning on search engines on Google, Bing, Yahoo, as well as Yandex (Russian) and Baidu (Chinese). Achieve top keyword positions for relevant keywords such as 'new build London' or 'property sales kensington - 2-bed' 
  • Targeting Different Markets - Relevance has an in-house team of native multilingual digital professionals. We can translate, optimise, and promote your properties in Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Chinese, and any other language.
  • Content & Outreach - We can write your content using our content team. Get your company placed in the most important online and publications with our strong press partnerships and outreach team.
  • PR & Press Trips - Relevance has experience in organising press trips with A-list press. Why not invite them to a open house? We can get your properties in the best and relevant publications.
  • Photography & Video - Relevance can help organise photography and stock images for your website and content. We have a strong partnerships with excellent real estate photographers and video teams with drones.
  • Social Media - Relevance can manage your social media, building a relevant community and posting enticing content to increase engagement with your followers. We also work on B2B marketing your properties to professionals.