Website Design and Digital Marketing for Architects

Relevance help you to go digital. Architecture company websites and digital marketing solutions.

Relevance can work on any of the marketing solutions listed below for your architecture firm or meet you to discuss your needs and create a custom website design or digital marketing campaign.

  • Custom Website Design and Development - You design buildings, we design websites. Relevance has a team of talented web designers and developers to help you develop a creative and modern website to showcase your work and testimonials more effectively. We also make your website mobile friendly! As SEO specialists we are Google certified so will build following Google best practice.
  • Google & Search Engine Visibility - Get your website and you company at the top of Google and other search engines so people looking for an architect will find you. We do this using SEO techniques and advertising. We also use Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and Baidu.
  • Multilingual - Get your brand in front of high net worth individuals by translating, optimising and promoting your website into different languages. We can help you reach various markets including, Russia, Arabic countries, Scandinavia, India, China, Germany…
  • Social Media - Social media is a great way to show you are modern, and a great way to meet and speak to customers and prospects. Relevance will build a quality and relevant community and increase engagement with your followers. B2B work using LinkedIn will be effective.
  • Digital Marketing & Partnerships - We can build lists and contact other real estate professionals like estate agents, commercial property companies, interior designers to showcase your work. This will get you new work. We have build a good network already which means we hit the ground running. We can add you to all the real estate and architecture directories.
  • Photography -  Relevance knows how important images are. We have partnerships with some of the best real estate photographers in the world, enabling you to show your work in the best light. Quality is everything.
  • Videos - Want to use another media to showcase your properties? Relevance can organise video teams to film your work. We even have drone specialists!
  • PR - Relevance has the necessary PR skills to get your projects in front of the media on and off line. We can also organise press trips to the properties you have finished to help you gain coverage in A list publications.
  • Content - Relevance can write content about your work, case studies, and place it in relevant media and online publications. We can also keep your blog up-to-date, send your e-mailings, and any press releases.
  • E-Mailing - Send your work and news to a customer and media list using bespoke design templates and advanced reporting.